Enjoy communication directly inside the App or Website!

Getting Started

1. Click the Messaging Icon in the top right hand corner of your app.
2. Choose an option to sign up or log in (we recommend EMAIL).
3. Log in or Sign Up.

Please Note:
If you are already using online giving, then you already have a profile!
Simply log in using the same credentials you use for giving.

If not, choose "Sign Up" and create your account.
-- You will be asked to verify your account through the email you provided
-- Once verified, return to the App and log in

Don't Have The App?

Join the "Prayer Room"

Our previous Prayer Request platform was experiencing quite a bit of spam. It was simply too public and users did not need to verify any information before posting.

SubSplash Messaging provides not only a solution to prayer requests, but also allows us the ability to grow and improve our communication and keep you connected to the life of the Church.

The "Prayer Room" is the first channel we have created inside of SubSplash Messaging. It functions much like Social Media. When someone posts a prayer request, other users can comment. The author can edit, reply to comments, or even delete the prayer request.


Soon, we will implement private channels for various groups and ministries within the church.

For example, we can create a private channel for our Greeter Ministry Team and personally invite each member into the channel.
From inside, members of the team would be able to communicate with each other. Leaders can send schedule updates, members could notify each other if they will be out sick, and others could step in and let them know that they will fill the position for them.

This communication would only be visible to the members of the private Greeter Ministry Team channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

DO I NEED TO SIGN UP? If you are a member or regular attendee of Heights Church, then we say absolutely! Prayer requests are only the beginning!

WHY ARE YOU MOVING AWAY FROM THE OTHER PRAYER REQUEST PLATFORM? The other platform was too public. We were constantly moderating spam, vulgar posts from anonymous people, and other material that did not belong. Although this prayer platform is technically public, having to create a verified profile creates a hurdle that many spammers and anonymous people are not willing to jump.

WILL I RECEIVE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS? By default, you will receive push notifications when someone in a group that you are a part of posts something. If you wish to turn this feature off for a particular group, you can "mute" the group by clicking the icon that looks like a bell.

WILL OTHERS BE ABLE TO MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY? No, this feature is turned off and we have no plans to turn it on.