Heights is a church for real people. Led by, Dr. Mark Canipe, Heights will help you find answers to your questions. Join us this weekend for one of our up-beat, life-changing services.

Where Are We Located

4631 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Beech Island, SC

Heights Church is located off of Aiken-Augusta Hwy. (1), near Clearwater. It is accessible from Bobby Jones Expressway (520). Heights is located behind MiRanchos Mexican Restaurant.

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When Are Our Services

  • Worship Services: Sundays 9:00AM and 11:00AM
  • Bible Study: Sundays at 4:30PM
  • Heights Student Ministry Service: Sundays 4:00PM Doors open for fellowship; Service starts at 4:30PM-5:30PM
  • Children's Service: Sundays 9:00AM and 11:00AM; Sundays 4:30PM

Our Foundation

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It is also the least understood. That is why studying the Bible is a foundational ministry at Heights Church. Understanding the Bible gives us insight into the nature and presence of God in our modern world. We do not believe that the Bible is just another book written by human beings. We believe the Bible is God’s personal word written to men and women today. Its message is timeless and without error. Its power is the ability to transform lives. As a church, we avoid controversies about which Bible translations are the best and instead focus on discovering what the Bible says and means. Because of the importance the Bible holds in our church, every age group has many opportunities to study and learn Biblical truth.

What We Believe at Heights Church

We Believe in the Bible. Whereas some churches have official creeds or confessions, at Heights the Bible is the final guide and authority.

We Believe in Cooperation. We believe in associating with other churches of like minded convictions. This may include sharing in joint worship services, partnering in mission work, and sharing financial resources.

We Believe in Excellence. We believe that God deserves our best. This means we are a church of high expectations. We believe church members should attend church, tithe, and find an appropriate place of service.

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